Enroll in Automatic Payment


   Duration: 4 Months

   Tools: Figma, InVision App, usertesting.com

   My Roles: Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing

The Project

Verizon customers have expressed the need for a simplified enrollment process for automatic payments. As the project's lead designer, our team engaged in collaborative efforts to address this issue.

Initially, we pursued individual design approaches, resulting in three distinct solutions. During our design review, it became evident that each design offered unique perspectives on the problem, making it challenging to select the most effective solution. To resolve this, we opted for usability testing to enable our customers to determine the optimal choice.

I developed three distinct usability tests, which were conducted on usertesting.com, involving various customers to evaluate each design. The outcomes indicated that all three designs were deemed user-friendly and intuitive. However, specific elements from each design garnered preferences among customers.

After a thorough analysis of the test results, I integrated the favored design elements from the other two into my own, createing a final design. To confirm its continued user-friendliness, I conducted an additional round of usability testing. This ensured that the new design met the high standards of ease and intuitiveness expected by our valued customers.

Verizon customers access this feature through various devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Ensuring a seamless experience across all devices is crucial, while also addressing various business rules and corner cases. That's why the final design file includes a lot of screens to address different user scenarios.