Hello, I'm Dawn.

I'm a UX designer, an experienced one. Also the kind who can do graphics, UI/UX/IA, HTML and CSS coding, as well as project management. I'm based in the Greater New York area.

UX design is my passion. I love it because I need to be creative, logical, analytical, and aesthetical. This is an industry that is full of excitement and challenges. To me, UX design is a job where I can always find something new to learn; it is a job where I will never run out of ideas to explore.

It takes talent, knowledge, hard work, and dedication to make great ideas come to life. My background in advertising, combined with my experiences in web design, has helped me provide excellent services to my clients. If you looked at my portfolio and liked what you saw, please feel free to reach out to me at 609-878-0688 or [email protected].

I’m also an amature photographer. I enjoy travelling to new places and find beautiful and interesting things through my lenses. If you are interested in my work, you can check it out here.